Manual Easy Kebab Maker MKM1

Manual kebab maker-machine

Easy Kebab Maker

Manual Easy kebab maker-1 can make the kebab like Traditional chef hand-made shape. Its Mould is coated with Swiss Teflon and the body of the machine is fully made of Stainless still.

This machine is very easy to use and simple to clean after operation.

While you are making kebab, the kebab has minimum contact with hands so the final products (kebob) are much hygiene in comparison with traditional ones.

Kebab load is Adjustable from 50 gr. up to 90 gr.

Shish kebab with minced meat is a tricky food.

Paste the meat on the skewer in a way that it does not pour during cook is the trick.

By help of this machine along with right combination of meat and other ingredients you can make a master chef kebab without any experience.

Which kebabs are made by this machine: Adana kebab, Urfa kebab , and kofte (kofta) kebab from Greek or Afghanistan.

Manual Easy Kebab Maker-1



Traditional hand shape well forming

Swiss teflon covered mould

Easy to clean and hygienic in accordance with hygiene standards

Preparation process 3 minutes

Production Performance 3Times/Per minutes (180 Times/Per Hour)

Minced meat can be sticked on a skewer from min. 50 grams up to max. 90 grams

Compatible with 2 cm width x 2mm thickness of standard skewers

Dishwashfer safe whereafter removed the heating element

No need for a qualified person

Suitable for small restaurateurs and home users ( for Picnic & other outdoor activities)


Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Electrical
  • Electrical Input: 110V – 220V, 50-60Hz,  Single Phase
  • Max. Hopper Loading Capacity: 90gr
  • Mould Length: 24 cm
  • Machine Dimensions: Length x Width x Height (30x15x9) Cm
  • Packing Dimensions: Length x Width x Height (34x18x10) Cm
  • Net Weight: 2 Kg


Dimension and Performance:

Product Code Production Performance Dimensions LxWxH(cm)
MKM1 180Times / Per Hour (30x15x9) cm

If your production is much more we recommend you to see manual kebab maker-pro.

Manual easy kebab maker