Automatic Kebab Machine KM3

Kebab maker machine

Automatic Kebab machine which is called automatic kebab maker also is one of the useful cooking supplies for kebab shops. The first kebab produced by kabob maker is identical with the last one.

The Automatic kebab machine is commercial equipment that helps chef to use his/her time and energy much more efficient.

The advantages of the automatic kebab machine are not ending by saving the time. By kebab maker you can control the weight of kebabs.

When the amount of the meat for each product on the skewer is the same then grilling time also is the same. By this fact you could be sure that kebabs are delivered to customer well cooked and juicy.

There is a counter on the machine that shows you the number of kebab produced.

With this tool and your daily sales estimate, you can be assured that you will always deliver fresh kebob to the customer.

What kinds of kebabs are made by this machine? In short sentence any minced meat kebab over skewer. Of course any kebab made of ground beef or lamb like shishkebab, Adana Kebab, Urfa kebab, Koobideh Kebab (kubide kebab), kofta kebab (or kefta kebab) are some of the famous name but this list is not end by these name.

Automatic Kebab Machine


Stainless Steel body

Ready to use within 3 minutes

Production Performance: 12Times/Per Minutes – 720Times/Per Hour

No need for a qualified person

Full compliance with hygiene standards

Removable surface and mould for easy cleaning and maintenance

Prevent the meat from a long time waiting on a skewer, fresh sticking and easiness of grilling

Smart counter system, Daily and weekly production amount

Temperature control display

Manual control and emergency stop button

Minced meat can be pasted on a stick from 90 grams up to 200 grams separated 6 molds, consistent with 2 cm width x 2mm thickness of standard skewer

Special design machine and mould for customers


Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Electrical
  • Electrical Input: 220V, 50-60Hz, Single Phase
  • Engine Power: 0.75KW – 1HorsePower and 1.5KW – 2HorsePower
  • Preparation process 3 minutes
  • Hopper Loading Capacity : 10 kg
  • Mould total length: 39 cm
  • Net Weight: 75 Kg for 1Hp Machine
  • Net Weight: 80 Kg for 2Hp Machine (Kebab maker KM1)


Dimension and Performance:

Product Code Engine Power Production Performance Dimensions LxWxH(cm)
KM3 1Hp 720Times / Per Hour (82x60x62) Cm
Kebab maker km3 control panel